Meet #MittenMamaMeds at the 2018-HASHBASH Ann Arbor

Look at this! Finally - i am making contact with you all! Thanks for believing some day this would happen. 

Mitten Mama Meds will have a room at the Wyndam Garden Hotel! so as i am learning to see what blogs are about....

We will be supporting #PoTcornPaul with his tried, true, & TESTED #POTCORN.

We will have a few bars of soap for patients who need a bar - first come first serve-

Butt we will have an abundance of choice soaps

WHERE?    ..... at Buddy's Clio Cultivation famous 420 event!



How does your garden grow?

Welcome to the brand new Mitten Mama Meds website. We plan to use this blog to share what we know about growing cannabis and making medicine, challenges we’ve encountered along the way, and the inspiring stories we hear from our patients. But before we do that, I want to share a little bit about how I, Mitten Mama, got here.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to nurturing things that grow. I changed my first diaper at five while looking after kids in the neighborhood. As a teenager, I worked at a kennel caring for dogs and whelping puppies. In my early twenties I had two beautiful children of my own; and started running a home day care. After that, I got a bachelor's degree in education with early childhood speciality and became a teacher. When my kids and I moved to California in the mid-nineties, our truck was filled not with furniture but plants handed down from family and friends.

All along my journey, gardening gave me the opportunity to learn and teach lessons through nature, weather it was food or flowers. I’ve had plenty of  success and failures, but it has always been exciting and informational. Five years ago, love of nurturing things that grow brought me back to Michigan to grow organic, sungrown cannabis flowers and learn how to make medicine.  

When my kids were young I grew a cannabis flowers on the side of our house. Back then we just called them pot plants. I remember learning some basics: these plants needed different care than the flowers and vegetables in my half-acre garden; different strains could create dramatically different experiences for the people who tried them; and almost all the questions I had could be answered by The Marijuana Grower’s Handbook by Ed Rosenthal.

Little did I know that 30 years later my journey would bring me back to growing pot plants — only this time it’s in the form of organic, sungrown cannabis flowers as a licensed medical cannabis caregiver. And this time there’s a lot more to learn.

When I got started I thought we’d grow some plants and make some edibles. I met a few patients and started experimenting with recipes. By the second year, I outgrew the books and literature on cooking with cannabis and started playing with lotions, soaps, and chapstick. The more types of products I created, the more feedback I got from patients who needed different kinds of care. And the more feedback I got, the better I became at matching what I was creating with what my community needed. Now, five years later, I’ve gained a great deal of clarity on where Mitten Mama Meds can make the most impact.

So how does our garden grow? Just like our products and our mission to serve our community: in the direction that we’re needed most. That’s why this year we’re focused primarily on growing CBD flowers to create clean concentrates and a variety of delivery methods for deep healing and pain relief, like our serum, tinctures and oils. I hope you’ll come along with us as this journey continues and share what you’re learning, too. When we’re not out in the garden, we’ll be right here waiting.