Our Mission


Relentlessly optimistic and bravely original, Mitten Mama Meds pushes the boundaries of healing through hand-crafted treatments created with a deep respect for our earth and its communities. Our tailor-made remedies inspire hope and happiness, from powerful pain relief to consistent stress and anxiety management to predictable euphoric experiences.


Stephanie and Paul

Our Team

Stephanie and Paul are the duo behind Mitten Mama Meds. Paul is a lifelong farmer and outdoorsman and Stephanie has raised and nurtured every kind of plant you can think of (and a few kids and dogs, too). They're on a mission to help people discover the power and potential of cannabis treatments.


Our Community

To grow high-quality flowers and create effective, consistent products, we work with a team of people who are exceptional at what they do. From botanists and biologists to artists who have perfected concentrates and edibles, we surround ourselves with people who help us learn and grow.